Waste Water Inspections


Buying a home? Have the septic system inspected before you buy.

You can save yourself from costly sewer replacement costs by having us inspect your on lot waste water treatment system before you buy.

Real estate inspections ensure the septic system you are buying works.

We use the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) on lot waste water treatment system inspection program. This is considered Pa's industry standard for the inspection of septic systems.

Did you know that some new septic systems can cost as much as $35,000

If you are looking at buying a home with a septic system, contact us for a real estate inspection to see how well it functions You don't want to be surprised by a major bill without doing your homework first.

Once you buy your home, sign up for our affordable septic system maintenance program. (717)626-5591

We offer :

Waste water treatment inspections

TV camera pipe line inspections

Septic system maintenance

Real estate septic inspections

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