Septic System Repair


TV Camera Lines

We are able to run a camera through existing lines to check for cracks, leaks and pipes that need replaced. We also video tape this so we can look at it later to determine what needs done.

Baffle Repair

Keeping your baffles in the tank operating properly is important. We can replace baffles from the outside of the tank, but some need replaced from the inside of the tank. We have trained and certified technicians that can enter your tank. Using confined space entry we can repair or replace a baffle.

Tank Repair

With age some tanks start to decay on the inner walls. With confined space entry we can enter the tank to determine if the tank can be repaired or needs replaced.

Lid Risers

Tired of digging open that tank lid? We can install a riser which brings your tank lid to the surface. Or just under a layer of mulch for easy access and not be noticeable.

Lateral Line Cleaning

Keep the lines in your Drain Field flowing. We can vacuum and flush out the lines in your Drain Field to keep the holes open in the lines for easy flow.

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